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Dedicated to helping you and your friends and family stay safe and secure to provide the comfort of living independently. 

Christopher Patterson


Chris assisted in the development of the Sound Response Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Waisman Center.

Having grown up with a sister that has a developmental disability, Chris brings a wealth of experience to our Night Owl Support Systems team. Chris continues to demonstrate a strong desire to provide independence for people with developmental disabilities. Chris worked at Wisconsin Badger Camp for 4 summers starting 1996, and is now a member of the Wisconsin Badger Camp Board of Directors. In 2001 he began working with the Crisis Response team and is also a member of Access to Community in Dane County, WI.

Chris resides in Oregon, WI with his wife and 2 sons. He enjoys coaching his sons’ basketball teams, playing basketball, golf and spending time with his family.

Outreach Specialist – University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center Sound Response Program
Bachelor of Science in Recreational Therapy – University of Indiana
Masters of Social Work – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Danielle Chilson


Danielle (Dani) assisted in the development of the Sound Response Program at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Waisman Center in 2002. In 2007, she co-founded NOSS to provide a similar, best practice service to individuals residing outside of Dane County, WI.

Dani was interested in working with people with disabilities at an early age. She has a family member with a permanent injury from war and assisting the family member throughout her life led her to a career path in the disability arena. Dani has dedicated her educational and vocational interests to developing a value system, advocating full inclusion, for people with disabilities. In addition to her busy schedule, working with both the Sound Response Program and NOSS, she is a co-guardian for her uncle that has Down’s Syndrome.

Dani enjoys paying kickball, taking part in trivia contests and spending time with her family.

Senior Outreach Specialist – University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center Sound Response Program (2002-2015)
Bachelors of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology – University of Wisconsin Madison

Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology – University of Wisconsin Madison

Duane Tempel


Duane is one of the founders and co-owner’s of Night Owl Support Systems, LLC. Having spent his entire adult life working with people with disabilities, Duane is a firm believer that each and every person should live as independently as possible and it is demonstrated through his work.

Duane was instrumental in the development of the Sound Response Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Waisman Center. The Sound Response Program, one of the firsts of it’s kind, successfully provided remote monitoring to people with cognitive and developmental disabilities, in Dane County, from January of 2002 until December of 2015. In January of 2016, Sound Response was integrated into NOSS. Today, NOSS supports over 500 people with disabilities that reside in seven (7) states.

Duane began his career in 1980 working with children with disabilities at St. Francis School for Exceptional Children, in Freeport, Illinois. That experience would shape the foundation, which nurtured his quest to work with people to live their best life. Not just for the day but assisting people with developing skills that would offer them the opportunity to reach new levels of independence.

Duane and his wife Elizabeth call Wisconsin their home. When not out promoting NOSS.

Duane can often be found in Sun Prairie, WI playing OBHL (Old Buzzard’s Hockey League) hockey, kayaking or bicycle riding. As a once competitive swimmer, he can also be found playing water polo, swimming or coaching in his spare time.

Senior Outreach Specialist – University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center Sound Response Program
Bachelors of Science in Psychology/Mathmematics – University of Wisconsin Platteville
Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology – University of Wisconsin Madison

Aaron Samuel

Director of Consumer Relations

N.O.S.S. 2016 - MOD Social (7 of 67)Aaron started working in the disability field while attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1990. He spent 19 years providing and managing residential services. Aaron brings his experience and knowledge working with families and guardians to the NOSS team. Aaron has worked with individuals who use electronic monitoring and as a professional monitor for the Sound Response program since 2006 and has been directly involved with the technology and those who use it. Aaron also serves on the Quality Assurance Board of Dane County where best practice issues are commonly decided on. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and daughter.

Professional Monitor – University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center Sound Response Program
Studied Engineering – University of Wisconsin Madison

 Jesse Elmer

 Program Director

Jesse started working with people with disabilities in the summer of 2005 at Wisconsin Badger Camp, where he still volunteers today. Badger Camp provides a unique camping experience to people with disabilities and accepts individuals with all levels of abilities. Enjoying his experience at Badger Camp, Jesse began working vocationally as a job coach in the Madison Area. In 2006, Jesse began working for the Sound Response program as professional responder where he was quickly promoted to Response Coordinator. Jesse brings a very methodical and attention to detail approach to our team that allows NOSS to operate seamlessly. Jesse designs, develops, and implements the technology, software and details that make Night Owl Support Systems work.

In Jesse’s spare time he is an avid reader, a movie buff, and enjoys live music. Jesse also occasionally likes to play bad golf.

Response Coordinator – University of Wisconsin’s Waisman Center Sound Response Program
Bachelors of Science in Psychology – University of Wisconsin Platteville

Krystle Schlimgen

 Office Manager

Krystle began her career of working with people with disabilities in 2008. Since that time, she has worked in a variety of capacities: she worked as a live-in, a job coach, has provided respite work and has moved on to various administrative positions. Working for a company that provides remote support is not new to Krystle. She previously began working with the Sound Response program in Dane County in 2011. In 2016, Krystle began full-time at Night Owl as an Administrative Specialist. She brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the program. Krystle resides in the Madison area with her son and they can be found on weekends hiking and enjoying nature. She enjoys spending time with her family and laughing.

Anne Bull

Systems Consumer Relations Specialist

Anne started working in the supported living field when she moved to Madison in 1998. Since that time, she has worn many hats. She began working as a Direct Support Professional and would then move on management. She is no stranger to providing remote support as she began working at the Sound Response program in 2009 and would make the transition from Sound Response to Night Owl in January 2016 and would move into her current position as the Systems Consumer Relations Specialist in 2018. Anne brings her compassion and experience working with individuals, their families, and their teams to Night Owl. In her spare time, Anne can be found relaxing with her two cats. She is a self-professed bird nerd and enjoys spending time in nature. Anne also has a passion for music and plays bass guitar in a local band.

Veronica Polacek

Systems Administration Specialist

Veronica has been working with people with disabilities since 1997. Veronica spent much of her time working in various capacities in Dane County, Wisconsin: she began as a Direct Support Professional and her commitment and passion to help people with disabilities become more independent would drive her to roles as a Supervisor, Program Director and now into her current role at Night Owl as the Systems Administration Specialist. Veronica and her family reside in Dane County, WI. She is our resident Hula Hoop expert.

Penny Mata

Missouri Representative

N.O.S.S. - Penny (1 of 1)Penny became a Team member with Night Owl in August of 2014 after she retired from 22 1/2 years of dedicated service with the State of Missouri, Kirksville Regional Office, Department of Mental Health. During her time at the Regional Office, she assisted Night Owl in obtaining a contract with the State of Missouri for their services. She was very impressed by the relationships the Staff at Night Owl had developed with the individuals they support, promoting independence to individuals living in their own home while providing/ensuring safety and security.  She was happy to become a Team member after she retired.

Penny has worked with individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities her entire adult working life, from Chicago, IL, where she worked for Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association, to the West Coast where she worked for TERI Inc., in residential and day programs  Her goal has always been to support individuals to have the best life possible.

Penny has two grown children and three grandchildren, and loves to visit them whenever possible. She enjoys gardening, going to auctions, antiquing, sewing and doing creative projects.

Bachelor of Science-Recreational Therapist, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Mo.-1977

Paralegal Certificate-Litigation, University of San Diego, San Diego California-1979

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