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What Makes NOSS Unique?


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Home Monitoring Technology


We pride ourselves in our ability in being able to tailor the equipment to the needs of people and their individual surroundings.

We use technology in a way that offers a world of independence, safety, and security. We take the time to meet each and every participant and carefully evaluate the sensing devices in relation to the person’s disability/ability or lifestyle needs.  We use a wide array of sensing devices that include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Pagers
  • Door/Window Security Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flood/Moisture Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Motion/Pressure Sensors
  • Movement Sensors
  • Fridge and Freezer Sensors

We mainly interact with a person only when they are in need of assistance. Our configuration of sensing devices within a home allow the opportunity for a person to live independently without cameras. All NOSS systems are portable and can easily be transported from one home to another.




How Our Technology Keeps Loved Ones Safe


Offering a menu of services, NOSS can tailor remote monitoring services to meet your needs.

Live Monitoring – Our most popular and effective service is our live remote monitoring; which involves the central monitoring station.  Considered an alternative to paid overnight caregivers, the CMS has trained, professional staff between the hours of 9:00pm and 7:00am CST. This is more than an alert and notification system. It is an interactive support system that balances the use of technology with staff supervision provided by our monitors.

Professional monitors manage the alarms that come into the Central Monitoring Station in real time. Each person/household has a support plan that is developed during the intake process. The support plan involves specific actions taken in response to each and every alarm in a home. NOSS monitoring staff follow the support plans and provide real time supervision of the sensing devices and person’s needs.

Alert Systems- In some situations, after careful evaluation; a person may be supported effectively with our alert system. This can be a 24/hour notification system, where alarms via text/email to a designated phone. This service is added free of charge to our live monitoring service.

PERS- NOSS provides the standard PERS services.




Highly Trained Support Staff


Responders can be a paid professional, a family member, or a friend. Responders do not provide any of the monitoring.

They receive calls from the Central Monitoring Station to engage in physical intervention when necessary. Typically, responders become familiar with each person served, allowing a more people oriented approach than the traditional technology companies who rely on Emergency Medical Services.

The responders are strategically located within a community so they can offer a physical response in a short time.

In many areas, NOSS partners with other residential agencies that provide the responding component of the program. NOSS will work with you and your team, in the planning process, to help develop a response system that works for you, with the resources available. NOSS provides the training and oversight to responding agencies if necessary.

In limited areas, NOSS provides responders who are paid professional staff, trained on the individual protocols for each participant of NOSS.




You Are A Part of the NOSS Story


NOSS works to become a part of a person’s team and builds long-term relationships.

Our staff want to make sure this is a good fit for you. Individualizing support involves getting to know each person, their families and support teams. NOSS works hard to ensure that you, your family, and your support team are comfortable with the services you receive. Building relationships can mean daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed communication with team members to assure confidence that services are being provided as planned.

If necessary, NOSS can provide a trial period for new individuals who may have some apprehensions when transitioning from traditional support systems to being supported by a remote monitoring and response system. Staff can remain on-site and the NOSS system will be employed in the event the person requires staff intervention. As the person becomes acclimated with the new system, staff will begin to decrease their hours of on-site support. Likewise, NOSS works to become a part of a person’s team and builds long-term relationships. Ongoing evaluation is part of our program, making our technology adaptable.

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