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North Carolina Pilot Program

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  • NOSS Supports Checklist

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  • Equipment available to guests

  • -Panel (Always in use)
  • -Smoke Detector (Always in use)
  • -Personal Pagers – (necklace, watchband and/or mounted bathroom pager), Flood Sensor (in bathroom) (Always in use)
  • -Thermostat Sensor (Always in use)
  • -Exterior Door Sensors
  • -Window Sensors
  • -Cabinet Sensor
  • -Refrigerator Sensor
  • -Freezer Sensor
  • -Bed Sensor (sends an alert if someone has been out of bed for a predetermined amount of time)
  • -Motion Sensors
  • **Please note this form is for the Remote Pilot Home ONLY. If you will be utilizing NOSS services in your home, please fill out the NOSS Referral Form**